October 11, 2012

K-Bento: Hotdogs & Choco Pretzel Sticks

Missy A has been awarded with a Super Star Certificate yesterday so I thought of making one of her favorite lunches today, hotdog slices with the word STAR spelled out.  Also in there are pretzels with chocolate dip on the yellow cup.  It's a very simple lunch, and you can always make it look special with the use of bento accessories.  All of these, from All Things For Sale.

I must agree with my fellow Bento moms, once you start bento-ing, it's difficult to stop.  You'd miss doing it.  I love it and blogging it helps pre-occupy my empty hours while waiting for the kids to come back home when I'm not working.
 I have found a good bento box that will hold my kindergartner's daily snacks, that go in a different bin.  Our school wanted 2 lunch bags/boxes labeled and brought to school. One for snack and the other for lunch.  I believe these make it easier for the teachers to distribute the meals efficiently.  So when I won a small Smart Planet Collapsible Eco Lunch Containers, I don't really know how I could make use of it. I am just as clueless as any other moms.  But hey, with the Mini Dippers on hand, I was able to put together my daughter's snack in a whole new and better way. They fit in with the juice pouch that I sent, accommodating a mini ice pack if you wish. What's best, Smart Planet Eco Containers comes with a utensil stored on the inner side of the lid, with a built-in condiment cup.
Here's how it looked when packed. Oh I love those Mini Dippers. They're perfect for smaller portions of snacks. They hold just enough for a single kiddie meal.  Actually I always have a stash of snacks in my purse on those little containers whenever I'm volunteering in school.  Just in case hunger pangs hit me, I'm ready.

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