October 11, 2012

School Lunches: Cheese Tortellini Marinara

Mr G's lunch was adapted from the Taste of Home's Recipe, seen below.
I didn't edit the recipe for my version. I'd let you adapt yours from the recipe that I found.  The recipe itself tastes good.  But as always I modify it for our individual bud's preferences.

Tortellini was cooked per package instruction. I mixed pesto sauce and marinara over and topped with sliced hotdogs.  I was supposed to top it with some leftover rotisserie chicken, but they were gone when I opened the fridge.  So the chicken dogs saved the lunch.  He also had diced pluots, and celery sticks.
It's nice to have recipes readily available online.  So there's really not an excuse that we run out of ideas to pack for school or work.  We just have to be resourceful and open to try new things before we say no.

Happy lunch packing and make it fun!

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