October 12, 2012

School Lunches: Circus Show Lunch

I have recently received my bento picks in the mail and I have decided to make use of it.  I know there are other ways to present this but since corn dogs are in the menu this week, Missy A thought it might be nice to make use of it and make a circus show.  
This is nothing extraordinary. A matter of fact, I don't have plenty of time on my hands this morning.  Brainstorming takes time. It doesn't come naturally.  So this is what we've come up and what matters most is she's happy and satisfied.

Her lunch were corndogs held up high by a seal and 2 boys.  The diced melons were a crowd of audience on hats. All packed in her Hello Kitty bento box.
Mr G had a similar lunch except that it wasn't decorated much anymore. He had ketchup and mustard on the Mini Dippers, and corn kernels on the upper left compartment.
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