October 15, 2012

School Lunches: Pepperoni Cheese Ravioli

Mr G has been a huge fan of pepperoni. 
With its high amount of fat and sodium, I'm glad pediatrician approved it for him since he needs high caloric food intake for being an underweight boy.  But that doesn't mean he has to eat it every single day.  Just on days when he craves for it, 
and strictly for school only.

For those who are conscious about their kids' daily caloric intake, you can substitute  pepperoni for a turkey pepperoni that has a lighter content of fat and sodium.  For a healthier option, top it with freshly made tomato sauce and shredded chicken breast. They taste great as well. Kinda like mac and cheese on marinara sauce.

It's exams week and he needs a good amount of food to get him throughout the day.  For lunch he had, pepperoni cheese ravioli. Technically it's just a cheese ravioli that I topped with 8 pieces of pepperoni. To balance out the nutrition, he also had celery sticks with ranch on top left, and diced nectarines on top right.  Everything packed on our favorite Easy Lunchboxes. For his mid-morning snack, he had 2 bottles of yogurt drink and a fruit.

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