October 17, 2012

K-Bento: Fieldtrip Sack Lunch

October 17 is fieldtrip day for Missy A. 

They had an educational tour at the Centennial Farm, 
where they learned about animal lives and planted a radish crop,
which they brought home as a souvenir of their trip. 

They were required to bring sack lunches and a water bottle/juice pouch
that were packed on disposable containers/baggies,
with proper name labels for easier distribution.

Since Bento Bloggers and Friends were doing a Halloween Hop on this day, 
I decided to theme her disposable containers as such.
I printed a Halloween themed wrapper for her hamburger sammies, and placed her red globe grapes on a ziploc snack bag, then gave her a juice pouch enough to finish for lunch.
I packed her lunches on a disposable fruit containers for which I've been saving for this purpose.  Since they usually get 2 field trips a year, I kept 4 in my pantry (for both kids) ready to use anytime. I also printed out on a paper a Halloween themed design to go on its lid for a more presentable and appealing lunch on the go. I affixed it with the use of an invisible tape to protect it from smearing and tearing. I've learned this from a good friend, Nina, over at Lunches with Love.  Though she made hers with a label sticker, which is a more durable option.  If you haven't seen her version, you can check it out here.

Don't get stucked on store-bought pre-made school lunches. There are better and healthier ways to send lunches to school with disposable containers. Fruit containers are the best. They stay closed till you open them.

Mr G had a similar lunch except that it wasn't themed as Halloween.  He creeps out on spiders and bats on his lunches. So I just kept them simple and healthy.  But that doesn't mean no more Halloween-themed lunches for him. I would just have to figure out what works for him.  I would have to play with my sandwich cutters and see which one would look like halloween-y.  Here's what he brought.
Sliced tomatoes and dill on top left, strawberries on top right,
ketchup on the green condiment cup, and roasted seaweeds
with his Teriyaki Hamburger.  All packed in his Easy Lunchboxes.
Hope you enjoyed this post.
Happy Wednesday!
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