October 18, 2012

K-Bento: Heart Bento

Missy A was at it again. She wanted White Chocolate PB shaped sandwiches again and this time she picked her own cutter. She's pretty much a girly girl and she loves hearts.  I must admit I was never successful at cutting breads with my shaped cutters.  They always crack on me.  But for some reason, I learned a simple technique that prevents the sandwiches from crumbling.  I know that not all blogs would tell you how they actually did it, but with little experimentation, I was able to figure out the way.
Just press the sandwiches flat to a cutting board.  You may use a rolling pin.  But I just pressed down with my palm. While the sandwiches are still flat, push the cutter down. I promise you they won't crumble or break.  They'll come out nice and clean.  The bread below is 5 days old already, and usually that's when the bread starts to crumble when subjected to cutting.  Also they tend to stretch out when they were flattened, giving your cutter more room to cut through.
I have designated the Eco Lunch Containers as her official snack container for the school year with the Mini Dippers to hold her mini snacks in place.  I like them because they keep everything neat and orderly.  I can always stash a mini spoon and a straw in there whenever necessary.  All Eco containers have built-in spork on its lid. But I decided not to send it to her because of its knife-like serrations at one side of the fork. She'd freak out if she'd accidentally cut her little lips. So I'd rather not for no meltdowns in school.
This is how it looked all packed.

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