October 18, 2012

School Lunches: Ghost in the Box

Bento Bloggers and Friends are doing a Halloween Blog Hop today. If you haven't seen that, please click here.  For added lunch inspiration, a linky party has been hosted by the BBF Blog for more  Halloween Themed Lunches.  To view, please visit them here now. If you blog about your lunches, please add your rendition and get discovered.

Mr G has finally agreed on a Halloween themed lunch, so I made him one today.  Nothing extraordinary as what my other bento mammas could produce, but Mr G loved it just as is.  I don't have any Halloween cutter in hand, so I made use of my Pokemon sandwich cutter frame that almost shaped like a ghost, without using its stamper. This one is Chikorita's frame. Then I just added eye candy features and pepperoni mouth to complete the look.  Isn't that a lovely ghost?

His ghost sandwich has layers of pepperoni and swiss cheese with layers of roasted seaweed on its background.  On top left compartment are mini marshmallows and craisins, and red globe grapes on the upper right compartment.  All packed on an Easy Lunchboxes.

If you want to see more Halloween lunch ideas, please push the button below to get you to  our Halloween-themed compilation of lunches.

Have a wonderful day!

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