October 19, 2012

Breakfast Sushi & More

What is the easiest and simplest lunch to pack on your menu?
Believe it or not, it's sushi rolls for us.  I can make hundreds of them without any fuss.
And the kids love them no matter what the filling are. They eat them hot or cold.
No questions asked.

I know that I've been blogging about planning and preparing ahead of time is still the best policy on lunch-packing.  They cut the preparation process in half the time.  Making your mornings stress-free and more relaxing.  To be honest with you, that is not quite true in my case. I brainstorm at night instead and do all the preps the following morning. The kids preferred them packed fresh everyday. It must taste better and fresher.

But I still plan ahead of time by planning our weekly menu, and shop for the ingredients on weekends. I want ingredients available when the need arises.
Today, I made breakfast sushi for their school lunches. 
 I mixed equal amounts of sushi vinegar and sesame oil on my short grained jasmine rice.
Then topped them with scrambled eggwhites, spam, and cucumber.
Mr G also had bean and cheese taquitos to fill him up, and some grapes and
strawberries for dessert. All packed on our favorite Easy Lunchboxes.
Missy A had the same lunch except the Taquitos. She's not a fan of beans so I gave
her raisins and pretzels and watermelons for her mid-morning snack packed on
Easy Lunchboxes' Mini Dippers, which went inside her favorite Eco snack container.
This is another box that we love because they are easy to tote around, 
and they fold for storage.  I love that a condiment cup and a spork are built-in their lids.
It's a complete package in a box.  Watch out for my giveaway for that box.
It will be up very soon.

Happy Friday, everyone!!

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