October 22, 2012

DIY Cracker Lunchables - The Bento Style

On Sunday, we were grocery shopping while planning their school lunch menu.  
I figured it would be easier that way.  We were at the freezer section where they could see all the frozen dinners for sale.  I asked them which among those would they want to be in their lunch boxes. My girl squealed, "Cracker Lunchables!"  My boy said, "Mom can do that.  Pick another."  Funny she loves those cracker meals in the box when she doesn't even eat the cheese.  So I told her I can make a better Cracker Lunchable for her without the cheese.  She agreed and here's what I came up with.
And she's extremely happy. Only her favorites are in the box.
What's in the box? Only the nutritious ones PLUS a kiddie treat. 
Whole wheat crackers, turkey flowers, Oreo, grapes and strawberries.
Best of all it's packed in her favorite Hello Kitty box.

All you need is a cookie cutter, shape doesn't matter. I started bento-ing with my kiddos'
playdough cutter sets. I surveyed all the shapes that I found useful to create cute shapes on their school lunches.  Mainly molds that could cut neatly onto delis and cheese.
I examined the pre-packaged foods on most grocers' cooler shelves to see the combinations of food items.  Then I made one of my own inspired by so many bento mommas, and my kids' food preferences.
Mr. G had a similar lunch except he got the cheese and had bigger portion size.
His cracker lunch was packed in our favorite Easy Lunchboxes.
Not in picture, but each one got a yogurt drink as part of their daily dairy intake.
They are not huge on milks, so we supplement their dairy intakes with anything soy-based.
Missy A is a choco-holic like her momma, and can't survive a day without it.
Glad it doesn't affect her behavior throughout the day.  Or else chocolates would be 
limited in her diet. For mid morning snack, she had pudding with sprinkles.
All these packed in her Eco snack container.

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