October 23, 2012

K-Bento: Turkey-dog in a Bun & Eco LunchBox

Missy A requested for her favorite turkey dog sandwich last night for her lunch today.  It's always nice to hear request from my kidlets. It takes out the burden of brainstorming what's lunch for school.  As I always say, we plan ahead and draft our menus while we shop in our local grocer the weekend before, but there are last minute change of hearts as well.  For those days, I'm doomed to come up with something creative from what's available.  That's when you see the lunches were dressed up.
Otherwise, they can go as simple as they can be.
turkey-dog in a bun, green grapes, and ketchup on the pink cup
I must admit, I'm a bento enthusiast who rarely makes use of bento picks and other cute accessories.  Not that I don't have them, I'm just too lazy to take them out and use them.  Since I pack in the morning, I'm always on a rush that makes me forget that I actually have them.  I realized the need of them when it's time to post.  So forgive me for that.
This is the newest baby of Eco Lunch Boxes, that I will be reviewing in a while.
I received this box in the mail today for a review and giveaway.  I must say this closely resembles the box I've been using for a year last year.  The noticeable difference would be that it's made of silicone and that it's collapsible.  But there are more to it.  
That I promise you.  And you'd love it just the way we do.

Since I am using it for my Kindergartener, this is my way of sending her snacks in one box. Perfect for our school classroom decorum. A snack box that holds everything in for easier distribution at recess time.
Ta-da! Here's how it looks when all packed up.
A condiment cup and a folding spork built-inside the lid.
Wouldn't you want own one?

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