November 12, 2012

Day 8: Thank A Veteran

Why is Veteran's Day special?

On this day we honor our nation's heroes, who died fighting for our country in foreign shores.  Without our brave soldiers, we would not have known peace or tranquility.  Let us honor the martyrs who laid down their life to protect their country from external threats.  ~courtesy of Veteran's Day quotes~

The kids had a green leafy vegetable and egg salad, apple dices and pepperoni
for lunch at home today as we tackle each child's school homework and family project due  on Wednesday.  Instead of plates, I served them on EasyLunchboxes

As part of our Veteran's Day Commemoration Weekend, we visited the California Science Center to see the Endeavor exhibit and everything else Science.  The kids had a blast and we even had the chance to ride a simulation of the endeavor ride with a Did You Know Informative Video while on the ride. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday 3-day weekend from work and school.

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