November 9, 2012

Day 7: Thank you CuteZCute

Of all the cutters I have, cuteZcute has given me the most inspiration to use because of the many faces it created on my lunches when there's only sandwiches in mind to pack for school. My children are not huge fans of sandwiches.  The only way I could make them devour it is thru cute sandwich cutters. like cuteZcute. I wish I could buy all sorts of cutters in store but I'd love to put into consideration that neither one of us liked to be swamped with bento accessories inside my lovely cozy house.  We just had too many toys lounging around, and anything more of my bento collections would send the hub nuts.  SO I have to be wise on my purchases and requests. I carefully choose only the best and the useful ones in our household.  

So I am thankful for cuteZcute for the opportunity I was given to try out their cutters before it even came out in the market.  I had the grandest opportunity to play around with its endless possibilities.  It actually outweighs my creativity.

for a vast lunch ideas created by the genius bento mommas.

Missy A had a froggy pancake today created by cuteZcute, with apple slices soaked on orange juice to prevent browning.  Maple syrup in the green leak-proof dipper. All packed on Goodbyn Mix and Match Set, the sandwich/salad box.
For her snack recess, she had home-made heart brownie with a Tinkerbell cupcake ring topper and pretzel with apple juice.

Here's a few easy instruction courtesy of cuteZcute to help you start making cute lunches for your children. 

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