November 8, 2012

Day 6: Thank you for the Seasons

Today's lunches have nothing to do with what I am thankful for.
I am thankful for the changing season.

♪♫♫♪ Summer - Fall - Winter & Spring  ♪♫♪

The season has given off so much colors in our life.  
Every season inspires us to celebrate life at its best.

It's getting to be tough to rise up in the morning lately especially the weather has dropped and it's getting darker earlier on each day. Fall has finally set in.  Well, at least for Californians, who always have a favorable warm climate all year round except on late Fall and Winter days.  But still better than any other state.  At least we could still wear our flipflops and sandals, summer clothes on warmer winter days. No need for warmers, beanies and mittens unless on freezing nights and snowy mountains.  At least in our experience.  It might be better or worse for other Californians.

Today's lunch was inspired by "Hotdog on a Stick"

Mr G had mini corndogs with ketchup and mustard on Mini Dippers.  The best container to bring dips and sauces to school each time.  He also had red globe grapes and star home-made brownies.  All packed in his favorite EasyLunchboxes. 
Missy A had a similar lunch except it has smaller portion size.
Corndogs, star brownies, red globe grapes, and ketchup on Goodbyn dipper.
All packed in her favorite Goodbyn Mix and Match Set - sandwich box.
This is how it looked when packed. Beautiful inside and out!
For her mid-morning snack, she had Goldfish and mini jellos (with Goldilicious cupcake ring) and Apple juice packed in her Smart Planet Eco Collapsible LunchBoxes.

Make lunches fun!

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