November 7, 2012

Day 5: Thank You Momables!

My lunch for the week wouldn't be complete without the help of Momables.  Like any other moms, I have days when most of my lunch ideas are exhausted, or just too lazy to plan. These were the days I turn to Momables. And our favorite is their Homemade Chicken Nuggets.  Something that I make in bulk and freeze to stock up.  This is my go to breakfast and school lunches on a morning rush, like today.
For Missy A's lunch, she requested the chicken nuggets with 
BBQ sauce on the green dipper.  I also gave her red globe grapes
to snack on after.  All packed in her favorite pink
For recess, she had fudge covered pretzels and mini 
jello packed in her pink Goodbyn Snacks Mix and Match Set.
For Mr G, he had a similar lunch except that he has a bigger portion size,
with baby carrots on the top left, and ranch in that yellow condiment cup.
All packed in his favorite EasyLunchboxes.

I try to rotate the lunches that they love at least once in 2 months or longer unless they ask sooner.  My kids get tired of foods pretty fast.  But with Momables around, planning is a breeze. Also, their lunches hardly repeat in three or four months.  I heard they hardly because of their vast variety of healthy and yummy meals.  So I especially thank Momables for rescuing me all the time when the tide gets tough.

If you're interested, try them out here
If you're looking for the Chicken Nugget recipe, look no further. 
Here's the link for you.

Also, I am so excited to share with you that my varying portion size lunch visual
got featured at the Momables blog and Facebook page.  
Check it out here and here.
Thank you for the appreciation :)

Bon Appetit!

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