November 6, 2012

Day 4: Thank you EasyLunchboxes!

I must admit that my lunches wouldn't look better hadn't EasyLunchboxes given me the opportunity to try out their awesome lunch containers.  EasyLunchboxes had given me the flexibility to pack lunches according to portion size.  It's given me enough room to pack decorative bentos without sacrificing portion size.  It has the perfect size for every kid and adult.  The possibility is endless.

For Mr. G's lunch, I've created a turkey looking hamburger as per request.  I've cut out the cheddar cheese to make it into turkey's feathers, and affixed a set of eyes and a triangular cheese beak to make it look like a turkey.  On top right, he has his pickled dills and tomatoes to add on his burger by lunchtime. On top left is plum.  Ketchup on the blue condiment cup with a spoon to help him spread it to his burger. All packed in his favorite blue lidded EasyLunchboxes.
Thank you, EasyLunchboxes!!
You're the best lunch container yet to be found.


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