November 5, 2012

Day 3: Thank You for Friends

No man is an island, so today I am grateful for friends who has always graced our lives.  They have brought out the best and worst in us which led to life's realization in a whole new way. They who have so much love, care, support, shoulders to cry on, who are patient, honest, loyal, sincere and faithful. They are YOU who have stuck with me at my best and worst possible bento I could come up with. So thank you!

Today I am with my MOMMY friends. The whole day just after we brought the kids to school. By the time you read this, we already took off for a MOM's Day Out.  A good friend got tickets to watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  We had stand by tickets so there's 50/50 chance to get in or not. If we don't get in, we get guaranteed seats next time we come back.  But I am with high hopes that we get in coz it's the Twilight Week. I'm not a huge fan until recently when I was forced into reading the Breaking Dawn since all 3 of them were talking about it. I told you peers play an important role in our lives. They could make and break things for you...LOL!!  So let's see what happens today.  You'll hear me talking about it tomorrow.

Missy A's lunch today were PBJ BUNNY-wich pals.
The bunnies represent all 4 of them, or us (mommy friends).
Her girlfriends since preschool.  And MINE.  Her friends' moms.
The two bunnies on the grapes represents her and any one of her BFFs, who always find each other no matter what the circumstances bring.  We think they must be soulmates made in heaven.  I thank GOD she found them earlier on in life.  Praying they would last a lifetime and would inspire her to make better choices in life.

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