November 2, 2012

Day 2: Thank You for Fridays

Star & Hello Kitty Sammies

It's the 2nd day of November.  TGIF!!
Yes, I give thanks for Fridays.  We always look forward for Fridays because it has splendid meaning to our week.

For me, it's the end of my early morning bento chores and for always rushing to school.  I know that I could have done things differently to make my mornings peaceful, but it has been my routine for so many years. And it is so much easier when you just follow through your routine rather than change it.
For Mr G, it's the end of his never ending homework, and it's the start of his weekend to play video games and watch tv shows.  So I made him a star turkey and cheddar clubhouse for a job well done in school. All packed in his favorite box, Easy Lunchboxes.

For Missy A, it's the end of the school week and time for playdate with her BFFs school buddies.  I made her a kitty clubhouse turkey sandwich packed on her Hello Kitty bento box. She loves Hello Kitty and I'm glad I was able to create her one  using a cuteZcute cutter.

Here's a simple instruction on how I used them:
I'm sure you would want one too. They're very easy to use and has endless creations.
I must admit this is one of the cutters that I can't live without.  You just have to be creative enough to create so much more faces with this cutter set.
Enter for your chance to win.
Good luck!

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