November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I would love to greet each one you a wonderful Thanksgiving before it's finally over.  May each one take this opportunity to enjoy the company of their loved ones and express their sincerest gratitude for the people and stuffs they are mostly thankful for.  May it be family, friends, work or whatever it may be, I hope it contributed well to your life and has made life worthy to celebrate each day.
I am posting my passed lunches I posted during our Thanksgiving Hop as my way to say thanks in my own bento world.  I planned to post a different lunch but due to out of storage space, Google wouldn't let me. So please bare with me till I figure out a way to continue my blog. I'm glad I was able to schedule my review and giveaway already so that wouldn't be affected much. You will soon be notified if I need to move to Wordpress or host my own site.  Thank you for your continued support. I owe everything to you!!

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