November 19, 2012

Smart Planet Eco Collapsible Lunch Container {Review and Giveaway}

As all of you know I have been using a small rectangular Eco Lunch Container by Smart Planet for Missy A's kindergarten snack box.  And it's been a great snack box that is big enough to accommodate both of her juice box/yogurt drink with her snacks of  choice, with more room for mini cold packs and utensils. Best of all they collapse compactly when transporting back home. So it doesn't really occupy so much room in her lunchbag. Everyone loves that one and only box in our household.  It has been put into good use each time.  My husband has success bringing chicken soup for work without a single leak.

So just imagine when Smart Planet sent me their round, tri-compartment box. I was beyond thrilled! It was gorgeous.  I love that it looks different from the rest of my lunch containers at home.  We love varieties.  It is round. It looks similar to the previous Rubbermaid lunch box of Mr. G. He was so excited too when he saw it.  Thought it was for him, but he was quite disappointed to see that there's only one, and it's PINK! You should see his face.  He was hilarious! Told him that it was meant for mom's use. But since mom eats at home most of the time, Missy A gets to try it out.

This particular box wasn't really an exact fit for my little girl.  But that doesn't mean it isn't great.  It has deeper compartments, which can accommodate more food.  Woohoo!! It can also fit a yogurt/pudding cup upright. I love that they are divided into 3 sections. A good number to accommodate main entree, fruits and vegetables. 

To sum it up, I love that it: 
  • comes in 4 colors: BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE and PINK 
  • are made of silicone
  • BPA-free, dishwasher/microwave safe
  • it's compartmentalized, compact and collapsible
  • reusable and recyclable
  • deeper compartments  
  • has a folding built-in spork, 
  • has a built-in condiment cup for dips
  • has latch type lid locks which make it easier for kids to open and close
  • has removable silicone/rubberized seal on the lid that made it leak-proof and easy to clean.
However, nothing is perfect in this world.  There are 3 things that we'd highly recommend for design improvement.
It might be better if they constructed an outer slot for the spork hinge-case or maybe a latch-type case, rather than clipped inside the lid.  This makes it harder for the kids to attach the spork back to its lid.  It is also quite a nuisance to handwash the lids since the sharp clips (pointed at the image above) often get caught either on dishwashing pads or your hands causing cuts. Lids are not recommended to be placed on dishwasher. So you're forced to hand wash them. Perhaps a bottle brush would make washing a breeze and cut-free. Another issue, it gets messy when you brought spaghetti. It's impossible to pull the spoon out with all the grease or sauce on its lid.  But that's an easy fix.  We pack the spork separately.
Also the folding spork is not very ideal too. They are very hard to unfold. It takes a lot of might to move them apart.  Problem with the hinge, I guess. Or it might be its made -- PLASTIC.  So if I had to send this particular container to my kindergartner, I pack the spork separately, and are in full size, ready to use already.
Then comes the built-in condiment cup. It's vacuumed sealed, which is a nice addition. It is a push-to-close and pull-to-open lid.  It's nice but it's tough to close it right. Once you push it in the center, it will be stuck and be tough to pull open. I'd rather have the condiment lid screw type.  It'll be more stable without accidental dip leak.

In my own honest opinion, to enjoy the full benefit of the Eco lunch box, it is not ideal for younger children, but are best for older children and adults.  I love my round Smart Planet tri-compartment lunch box. And I use them on weekends when I'm working full-day.  And my co-workers are all in awe of my new lunchbox.  Now they want one for themselves too.

I'm sure you would want one for yourself too. So if you take the time to enter properly thru my Rafflecopter, you will have better chances of winning.  My only mandatory entries are to leave me a comment about the color you would want to win and for whom, and to like the SmartPlanet folks over at Facebook and Twitter. The rest would be just twitting and sharing on facebook and liking me, which are optional but gives you higher chance of winning. Without those (3) mandatory entries, all the rest of your entry will forfeit. Also, anonymous entry without means of contact will be deleted for obvious reason.  You have 3 days to claim your prize before a re-draw. I always have low entries, meaning higher chances of winning.  So don't miss out on this opportunity. Goodluck to all!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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