December 14, 2012

The Hobbit {A Blog Hop}

I'm in on another interesting blog hop with my fellow Bento Bloggers and Friends.
This time to welcome the premier showing of "The Hobbit" in theaters today.

In my own honest opinion, this must be the toughest blog hop I've ever done.
I can't believe I've done a back to back hop.  Thought I wouldn't be able to deliver today since not a single idea is popping in my mind.  Since I am doing this lunch for my son, and there are no other ingredients I have on hand, Mr G brainstormed for his main entree. And I think, he's awesome.  He even mentioned that this is his most favorite lunch ever.


I apologize I would have to make use of a software to make my red dragon visible on this lunch. Clearly my beef bulgogi is the dragon protecting the gold treasure, which is the golden brown rice. Smiggle would be my strawberries.  And the famous ring on the grapes that was found by Bilbo in Gollum's Cave.

According to the LOTR Wikia, the Hobbits, AKA: Halflings, were an ancient mortal race. Their exact origins were unknown but they were told to be initially found in north of Middle-earth and down the Vales of Anduin. Most of them lived longer than men.  The average lifespan of a Hobbit was about 100 years.  A young hobbit matured and was accepted as an adult at age 33, compared to a man's legal age at 18.  So a 50 yr old hobbit would only be middle-aged. Imagine that!
Distinguishing Feature:
  • small stature, usually between 2 - 4 feet in height.  With the gradual passing of time, they became even shorter.
  • slightly pointed ears
  • Furry feet with leathery soles, which explains why they never wear shoes.
  • skilled listeners and had good eyesight
  • They could walk around very quietly.  This is why Bilbo manages to sneak up on the trolls without them even hearing.
  • Their hair was usually bright golden brown and almost always curly.
  • Most enjoyed farming, eating and socializing.  
  • They were friendly and were happy-go-lucky.  
  • They prefer quiet, normal and peaceful life.  
  • They also have developed a keen taste of smoking pipe weed and blowing smoke rings.
We are huge fans of the LOTR Series. Mr G has in fact read through The Hobbit Illustrated book, and guided me through this lunch hop. The dragon was his idea when I laid it out to him and took a picture of it.  He saw a dragon in there, the protector of the treasures. It takes one to love a book to make this possible.  And we both learned more about the Hobbit by researching on some interesting facts about them.  I think we're ready to watch the movie come weekend since it's the start of their winter break.

Please take a moment to hop on the next HOBBIT Lunch by Kathleen of Obento Momma, and devour its adorable and great tasting feast prepared just for you.

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