December 13, 2012

Ho-Ho-Ho!!! A Holiday Blog HOP

It is that time of the year again when the globe is lit with festive tea lights, air filled with holiday music, people dressed in fancy attires, everywhere smelled of scrumptious cuisines and delicacies, children opening presents, while everyone shopped and ate till they drop.

My families are Catholics and we live to its practices and doctrines by heart.  We grew up with the Christmas traditions of the Nativity, Christmas Eve Mass, Noche Buena, Christmas carols, Santa Claus and its reindeers and elves, exchange gifts, joyful celebrations, and everything else Christmas-sy.  My children believe in Santa Claus, and so did I when I was growing up.

To celebrate the holiday tradition, my Bento Bloggers and Friends Group are hosting a weekly blog hop with a FESTIVUS Theme.  Nothing religious.  Since there are a huge number of participants, we decided to break the hop into 4 weeks with 16-17 participants on each week.  It's the second week, so if you haven't seen the first week, find a link at the BBF Blog where you can revisit all the passed Christmas lunches.

I was originally going to make use of a book to inspire my entry for this week's hop. But things were not well for us to brainstorm a lunch based on a book.  For the spirit of Christmas, we have to celebrate and observe the holiday season with my fellow BBFs.

For this hop, I have packed a simple lunch to represent the ornaments we put up every year. It doesn't look as much festive as you see them at my home, but my children enjoyed them pretty much.


Missy A had a Gingerbread Lunch with a family of Gingerbread cookie (Dad, Mom, and Boy & Girl) all stacked together, which symbolizes togetherness. She also had a Sun Butter & Jelly sandwich with gingerbread rings as ornaments.  The grapes served as the festive lights that we wrap around our big tree and cozy home on Christmas holiday. All packed on her Lunchbots Trio container box.

Holiday Hop Bento Lunch

Mr G had her favorite cracker bento. This time jazzed up with Christmas ornaments of trees, stars, and lights (grapes) packed on his favorite Easy Lunchboxes.

I hope you enjoyed your hop over here and would continue hopping with the rest of my friends.  There are more awesome lunches that awaits you.  Please push the button below to head over to Keitha, of Keitha's Chaos, and devour what she has prepared for all of us.



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