February 13, 2013

Handcrafted Valentine Cards

2/13/13 photo 100_3731a.jpg

Each year, we are requested to bring Valentine treats for everyone in their class.  I usually make it special, but this year is quite a rush. I have 2 classes to make, 52 kids in all. I just bought lollipops for them, since it is one of the sweet treats that surely won't go to trash. So I customized a Valentine note card that can go with the pops. 

  • paper cutter or scissors
  • border puncher or craft border scissors
  • index cards or construction papers (any color) cut into 3" by 2.5"
  • label stickers
  • punchers
  • lollipops
Here's how:
  • Pre-cut 3"x5" index cards into halves and border punched them to make appealing borders. 
  • With a hole puncher, punch out on each side of the longer side, where you would insert the pop sticks to secure them well in the card. 
  • Print your Love Notes on your choice of Avery label stickers.  Here's a template to help you print it out correctly.  Just choose the right label stickers you have, and customize your message.
I hope you like this mini tutorial that won't break the bank.  Just utilize whatever you have at home so there's no need to purchase anything other than the label stickers and lollipops. Or you can actually skip the label stickers and handwrite them all.  It's better because they're personalized with your mark.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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