February 14, 2013

Happy V-Bento Day! A Valentine Theme

Valentine's Day has been such a special holiday in our household.  This is the day that we celebrate our love for each other.  It's an anniversary for always being together no matter what the season brings. Like Christmas, it's another season of giving.  Nothing big and fancy, but everything sweet and not good for our teeth.  It's tough when you're the dentist in the family. I am very particular and conscious of anything sticky and chewy candies, that my children brought home each time from school.  That's a huge no-no.  They carry along sugar bugs that  cause decay when left unbrushed.

To celebrate ala bento way, I have prepared school lunches with a simple Valentine theme that anyone can easily duplicate for a week long.  You might be seeing familiar lunches from the past, that I decided to re-post to celebrate our love for bento.

2/11/13 photo 100_3700.jpg
Shrimp Fried Rice with orange wedges on Goodbyn Mix and Match Lunchboxes.
2/11/13 photo 100_3706.jpg
Beef Teriyaki Strips and Teriyaki Fried Rice on Easy Lunchboxes.
2/11/13 photo 100_3717.jpg
Whole wheat dinner rolls & heart shaped-hotdogs on Lunchbots Trio.
2/12/13 photo 100_3713.jpg
Quesadilla wedges with Hearty stamp on EasyLunchboxes.
Have you tried packing lunches with notes? Lunchbox Love Notes has a special way to send your love with food.  They are credit card-sized notes with positive thoughts that boosts self-confidence and sense of security when away from home. My children love them. Some were even passed out to their friends, who enjoyed reading them with facts and jokes on the other side.

2/11/13 photo 100_3712.jpg
Her Lunch
2/11/13 photo 100_3708.jpg
His Lunch
Have you seen this simple tutorial yet?
Click here to find out!

2-3-13 photo 100_3605.jpg

Have a fun Valentine Day!
Happy Heart's Day to all..

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