February 20, 2013

Homemade Chix Burger - A Recipe

My children are always drawn towards fast food chain meals. It must be the FAD.  You know, whatever they see most eat is a must eat.  So we had a serious health education talk at home and agreed to minimize fast food products and pre-packaged meals at all cost.  I told them it's not bad to eat them once in a while if they need a bite or more, but a daily consumption would surely hurt them systemically.  Besides mommy has all the time to cook and play with food to make them yummy-licious.  So why not take advantage of it.  And reserve restaurant foods for special occasions.

2-20-13 photo 100_3830.jpg

Lunch was Chicken Burger, which we call it Chix Burger for short.  Mister G had a couple of whole wheat halves of Filipino dinner rolls, known as Pandesal, with the chicken patties in his EasyLunchboxes.  Condiments and pickles were on the side to prevent it from getting soggy.  Sides were plums, orange wedges and grapes.  Usually good with lettuce, but due to my pantry shortage, I sent them without, and complemented it with more fruits.

2-20-13 photo 100_3836.jpg

A smaller portion for Missy A on her pink EasyLunchboxes. Ketchup on the pink condiment cup underneath her Yakult drink with a yellow spoon to scoop it out and spread onto her chicken patties.  One small compartment of smaller plum cubes, and a medium compartment of orange wedges and 2 rows of mini red grapes.

Click here to access the recipe.  Consider yourselves forwarned, this recipe is very simple that anyone can follow.  All ingredients are basic unless you have allergy issues, please consider to substitute.  Feel free to modify according to your taste buds. Adjust salt and pepper measurements. Any questions, jot me a comment below.  Thank you!


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