March 22, 2013

A Burst of Spring

Spring is absolutely here!  
SO let the COLORFUL lunches begin.

1-22-13 photo 100_3516elb.jpg

It's always nice to pack lunches on spring-colored lunchboxes.  It adds colorful inspiration when it comes to planning.  And that is when I am thankful The EasyLunchboxes has created another genius product to tag along when on trips.  It just matches every single color of my silicone cups at home.  It makes packing lunches so fun and vibrant.  They honestly look good on pictures.  Don't you agree with me?

This lunch is so simple to prepare. It's just chicken and bean taquitos cut into halves for the stalk, and grape tomatoes to make as a bud blossoming on springtime.  Should have added some greens for the leaves, but my pantry is out so that will do for the day.  On side compartments are green pears and a couple of chocolate chip cookie treat.

Have a wonderful day!

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