March 21, 2013

Welcome Spring!

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Finally Spring is here!! We've been so waiting for this season for a long time. We can't live in the cold weather for long anymore. Kids get sick on and off.  They miss out on fun play dates, and the not-so-fun school works too...LOL! Blame it all on the season. Winter is the FLU season.

Welcome Spring!!

We miss all the beautiful colors of the garden. This is the time my kids and I start to renew the garden and hunt for the brightest color of the season to bring cheers to each and everyone.

3-21-13 photo 100_3915.jpg

So I thought of packing colorful lunches today to remind them of the beautiful cheerful hues of Spring....our most favorite season ever.  When they saw what's in their Easylunchboxes for lunch, they said, "Oooooh! Is it Spring yet, mom?" Yes it is! And I'm a day late.  But better be late than never.

3-21-13 photo 100_3916.jpg 

Don't you love packing lunches for your kids especially when celebrating something?  It makes everything special too with a touch of those Lunchbox Love Notes that express your heart out.  Loud enough for kids to feel and be proud of in school and out.

Have a wonderful Spring!

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