March 20, 2013

Homemade Chilidogs

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Our school had a Literacy Fundraiser Night last month. As part of the fundraiser, the school held a dinner sponsored by Weinerschnitzel.

For $5, you get either:
  • 2 chilidogs/ 2 corndogs/ 2 hotdogs or a combination of any 2 
  • chips, and 
  • soda.  
Missy A had 2 corndog meal, Mr G had a combination corndog/chilidog, while hub and I had to share on 2 chilidog meal, since Missy A could only eat 1 corndog.  So any leftover went to us.

After that night, G had requested for a chilidog school lunch, which never happened till this day.  I was able to find a good recipe that can equal, or might surpass Weinerschnitzel's that my kids , I mean Mr G, would love to eat.

I found a good recipe over at Simply Recipes.  But since I didn't have all the ingredients at hand. I played with these ingredients a bit in combination with another recipes I've found.  I noticed they all share common ingredients.  The only difference is the use of dry mustard, tomato sauce, honey/molasses, etc.  So by tweaking a bit, okay a lot since I left out on most ingredients, I was able to come up with a kid-friendly recipe, which G loved so well.  But not sure if its pretty much acceptable for adults' taste.  I like it in my own opinion.  Hubby thought it could have been better.  So next time I'd follow the recipe on the dot.

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On one of their EasyLunchboxes, I prepared the hotdog on a bun and packed the chili and cheese separately for sogginess-sake.  I also made him a spinach salad with ranch on the yellow cup and blueberries.  Missy A skipped the chili and just brought the hotdog on a bun with the rest of the meal.  She's not into chilidog, I remember.  Next time I'll pack some corndogs for her.

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Have a fun lunch!!


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