March 19, 2013

Crab Sushi

I am telling you, blogging is not quite well for me these days.  Lazy as I could be, but I will never stop packing lunches for the kids.  It's been my addiction & passion for as long as they would let me.

 photo 100_3880.jpg

I packed Crab sushi for the kids, with some assortment of fruits {blackberries and grapes} and veggie {steamed edamame} on the side.  I have been experimenting on the different ways of packing meals.  This time in our Lunchbots Trio.  It's been my latest favorite.

I love it when I get to pack fruits and veggies on the children's lunchboxes.  Most of the time they're pretty picky with the greens.  So I just have to keep experimenting till I sold a package of lunch to them. Then I keep in mind what worked.  Those that didn't, will have to go around with another meal.  And see if that helps at all.  I do that with sushi fillings too.  But they're pretty good on poking them out before they actually consume the rolls.  That, of course, is the great idea of my Missy A.

My kids love the silicone cup idea inside the box coz it keeps the food contained and not be mixed and mangled with anything inside.  So with the help of the divided boxes, silicone cups were remained in place, which helps the food intact.

Have fun packing foods for your family. It doesn't have to be perfect.  Just keep it simple and yummy.  Have a fabulous day!!

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