April 26, 2013

Hello! How Are You?

It's so great to be back to the BENTO World!

Work has been on the way of my blogging world. I have been hired to open and manage a dental office for an excellent dentist that I've been working with for quite a while.  He bought an existing dental office, and my job is to put everything together from set-up to operations. It's quite overwhelming for me since I've been a SAHM for almost 4 years since I went back to my job last August. This has eaten my time as well to blog.  But just so glad that bento-ing has been in my system already, so it just comes naturally each time I wake up in the morning.  The only thing is I never get the chance to photograph them anymore.

 photo 100_3930.jpg

Photography is my OCD. I want it as perfect as it could be.  But nothing is perfect especially when I don't possess the right camera.  So I try to work things around with whatever I have in hand.  Same thing with food. I open our pantry in the morning and make use of my inventories that could make up a healthy lunch for the family.  That's why weekend shopping is crucial for us.

Lunch above is an example of my April unplanned lunches.  The previous days kids just had a chicken patty sandwiches, and thought of re-purposing the chicken patties that I still have in hand. It can't be chicken sandwich again for today and tomorrow. So I thought of throwing it all together with a garden salad of organic baby spinach, romaines, California sweet olives, crab sticks, and corn kernels.  For a more carb diet, I added some tortilla chips to help my boy and my man be filled for lunch.  Of course it will never be complete without any fruits.  Fruits have always been part of their meals each time.

 photo IMAG2198-1-1.jpg

And of course, I eat at home too.  Usually I'd eat something different from what I pack.  But the day came out quite busy to prepare a special meal for myself.  So I get to eat whatever they are having for lunch today. 

What have you been eating lately?  I'm sure you've got tons to share. Care to jot me a comment? Let's chat :)

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