March 13, 2015

Tuna Salad Bunwich

A Meatless Friday Lunch Post

Lent is here and I have been wanting to make a post about lunches we can pack for families observing the Lenten Season.  Lent is the season for penance and prayer before Easter.  Typically Catholic families fast or abstain from meat, and other activities they love as part of their penance, as they pray.  For devotees, there's hardcore fasting and abstinence happening around this season.  Some don't actually eat on Fridays, which I honestly can't survive.

I grew up in a household that actually remove one meal in a day, and just 2 small meals for the other 2.  No snacks.  So when hunger strikes, water is your best friend to flush out gastric juices, and push hunger away.  One great way to lose weight.  Ha! 

My family and I love food.  We can actually live without almost anything except food.  So I asked the kids to come up with stuffs they can abstain in observance of Lent.  No answer.  So I suggested, we all stay away from meat like chicken, pork and beef.  The only meat we can eat is seafood, like fish, clams, crabs, lobsters etc.  Still yummy I know.  So I just limit our meat intake to fish and shell foods.  And no eating out on Fridays. All agreed.
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So today's lunch is our leftover breakfast that I never get the chance to eat.  So I packed it and brought it to work for lunch.  I snatched my daughter's soy drink, and mandarin orange fruit pack with purple grapes to keep me filled till dinner time.  And lots of bottled water.

My daughter had 2 bean and cheese burrito, grapes and soy drinks as well.  My son ate in school. Cafeteria served cheese quesadilla, fruits and milk.  Hubby had tofu and spicy eggplant with rice. Morning was rough for me so no pictures for those yumminess were taken. 

Do you abstain or fast on Lenten Fridays?  Show me your lunch.  You can post it on Instagram and tag @OhMarieOh so I can see.

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