August 28, 2015

Beat the Mid-Summer Slump with Honest Tea

 The Organic & Best Tasting Tea

It's Back to School and still we're at the peak of the summer heat.  The least we would want when waiting in line to pick up the kids in school, whether or not we're seated in our car.  With the fluctuating gas prices nowadays, gas conservation is still at the top of our minds.  But how can we, when the heat is unbearable?  I must admit, I wait in my car with the A/C at full blast. My heart goes towards our children who play/run on the field to fulfill their PE requirements, or spend their recesses with no choice at all. 

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We encourage lots of fluid intake to replenish the body fluids lost while spending time outside.  So we pack them lots of ice cold water and Honest Tea natural juices that will last them throughout the day.  At home, we serve them more Honest Organic Tea that can effectively quench the thirst and stay cool.  Have you tried the Honest Tea yet?

They come in 9 great flavorful brewed teas.  They have a wide-range of flavors for each and everyone.  Try it all and pick your favorites.  They are locally available.  They're package in plastic bottles that are safe to be stowed for school, work, picnics, ball games, and parties.

We love it.  It's just a tad sweet.  Never too much to serve it frequently, especially when you're raising health conscious kids and hubby.  It's the safest choice by far.  It's organic.  And their teas are brewed.  My favorite is the Honest Honey Green Tea.  It's never too strong.  Just the right amount to enjoy green tea on a daily basis.  My kids have their favorites as well.  Mister G loves the Honest Tea Orange Mango Flavored Herbal Tea, while my Missy A loves her Honest Raspberry Tea.  Captain Pete takes whatever Honest Tea is in the fridge.  He says they're all great-tasting that keeps him cool after a day at work.  It's the best way to beat the mid-summer slump.

To find the nearest store for your Honest Tea, click here.

How do you stay cool at the hottest day/s of the week? 

Disclaimer:  I was provided by Honest Tea 8 bottles of our choice of flavors for a chance to try it out.  Honest Tea has been a regular in our shopping list so we exactly know which flavors to request.  An honest review of the said product was solely my intention as my way of saying thanks to the company we believe in. Thanks for all the support!

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