May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Off!.....A Blog Hop

KIDS Turn!

It's Mother's Day, and we deserve a treat on our special day!  My fellow Bento Blogger MOMS decided to take a rest and let the kids rule for a day. My little girl was thrilled when I broke the news. She's 5 and very much into Bento-making. Dad prepared everything (food & supplies) on the table. Her task was to put them together in a lunchbox.

She chose her pink Princess lunchbox, pink and yellow silicone cups, her mini spoon for the yogurt, a heart cookie cutter, and a girl food pick.
She packed crackers, Heart-shaped Cheddar, Organic Baby Carrots, 
Splitz Strawberry Swirl.

She was so excited to cut the cheese by herself that she literally used up lots of it just to get the perfect shape she wanted. She even included the other half of the cheese which according to her looked like a Holy Spirit Dove. I saw it like an angel fish. She got a little help with food pick from daddy. It was a little tricky to insert.
It was a busy Sunday for all of us. 
For the most part, we were traveling around town, celebrating mother's day with my in-laws at lunch.  Then dinner out exclusively for us 4. In between, comes Church, swim classes, basketball, and bike rides. Snacks were packed to keep them away from fast foods and street foods.
This is one of the newest food picks that we ordered. And it's her favorite so far. 
Wait till she sees the rest. She might go nuts like her mom :)
This was one of the lunches that she helped prepare last week for herself since she can't have any packed lunches to school yet.  Her preschool serves warm & healthy home-cooked lunches.  So we prepare snacks instead daily before she's off to preschool. I guess little girls can be really more imaginative than mothers. She said the plate looked like a blank face so she has to add in the features.

"Eyes with use of silicone cups of corn, raisins and and oatmeal cookies. 
A smiley of hotdog teeth. And, ketchup-y nose."

 Make sure to check out what Sarah's family was up to on Bentoriffic.
If you push on the button above, 
that should teleport you directly to her blogsite.

Enjoy your tour!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day, MOMS.

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