November 13, 2012

Day 9: I am Thankful for Bento

A Pizzawich/Quesadilla Tutorial

{courtesy of CuteZcute}

 I may sound so vain with this post.  But really I have to admit that I am grateful that man created bento.  Bento has truly played an important role towards our food choices and eating well.

Bento has brought me to blogging and discover foodie blogs which nurtured my food choices for my family. Not all healthy, but I always choose the lesser evil.  I have learned to read nutrition labels and ingredients. We do not belong on the nut-free, dairy-free, vegan, whole grains only, or diet-restricted family. We eat everything we want and crave for. No restrictions. But the rule is always in moderation.

We love pizza, and I try to create something different each time to try.  If it has to be in different shape or ingredient, I would.  Anything that is kid-friendly and acceptable. Today's lunch was inspired by quesadilla but with a twist.  As I was sorting out the tortillas on my electric griller, I saw my cuteZcute cutter on the counter and thought that maybe I could cut it into shape and stamp them with varying faces to add an appeal to my kindergartner, who dislikes quesadillas.

Then I added a few pepperoni for Mr G, who is a huge fan, which actually turned out really yummy.  Tastes like pizza-wich sans tomato sauce.  You may either add a tomato based dip to add a little kick to the dish.

 Here's how it looked like after.  I must say this is my first success in lunch stamping.

Just dressed up our EasyLunchboxes with some Romaines and Cuties mandarin oranges, and topped them with the cuteZcute pizza-dillas or pizza-wich.  Ranch and tomato salsa on the mayo cups, and blueberries on top left.

Have a great lunch!

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