October 10, 2011

Grilled Cheese Wraps

This is my version of GRILLED CHEESE Sandwiches.
My family is not a big fan of breads.  So I recreated our
traditional sandwiches into wraps.  It's easier for them to grab and eat
when on the go.  It's not too messy to eat in school too.
I make sure the cheese are melted before I even roll it up so all
the sides are stuck to each other.  I stuffed all stuffings on one side,
so when they're rolled up, they were in the center of the tortilla.
Then I cut them halfway or into thirds depending on the size
of the tortilla in hand (8" or 10").
Grilled Cheese Omelet
I make this quite often for breakfast.  
I stuff my omelet with hotdogs, onion, and green or red pepper 
whichever is available, or both.
This one is my Grilled Deli and Cheese Wrap.

I made use of shredded 4-cheese mix and lay out pieces of deli sweet ham, turkey, and bacon.

You may also add lettuce for the greens.  Just tuck it in with the delis.

For sandwiches, this is my version which I fed my children after
school today.  And I've got no leftovers.  I bet they missed
the yumminess of it :-)
My Traditional
Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I spread mayo instead of butter on one side. 
Grill the bread with mayo/butter side down.
Add cheese of your choice on top.
Then top with another slice with mayo/butter side up.
Gently flip when one side is brown til cheese is all melted.

Grilled Cheese Pesto Sandwich
Grill a bread with mayo/butter side down on a skillet/stovetop grill.
Spread pesto sauce on the side up, top with cheese. Add tomatoes, if desired.
 I make use of sharp cheddar cheese for kids, and Colby Jack for those
who wanted some kick and stronger cheese flavor.
Spread the second slice of bread with pesto sauce, add another layer of cheese
then place it on top of the other bread grilling pesto side down.
Spread mayo/butter on top of the second slice.
Gently flip over when the other side has turned brown and
cheese starts to melt.

Tip:  Always grill cheese sandwich over low-medium fire so you don't
end up with a burnt bread.  Patience is the key for a good grilled cheese sandwich.

Mayonnaise has been used as a substitute for butter because of its healthier nutritional value.
And it doesn't burn faster unlike butter on breads. 
 It has a better taste too and it doesn't give you a soggy bread after a while.

Try it and let me know how you like them.

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