October 11, 2011

Project Lunch Box - Week 4

Week 4 would be more like rice lunches for us.  
It's time to train the palate with rice meals this time.  
I'd like him to be more flexible with the foods we have at home.  
Just so I wouldn't be stressing much about low pantry inventories.
With the exception of Monday, all else are healthy rice meals.

Grilled Cheese Wraps for a Green Monday

Grilled Deli and Cheese Melt Wrap, Kiwi, Edamame
Packed with his favorite Fruit Punch and Frozen
Crushed Cup Strawberry-Banana Yogurt.
My son went home with some leftovers today. First time. Why? I think I packed so much for him.  He used to have some friends to share with at lunchtime.  You know little boys who's always so curious about his lunches.  And, my boy was so stressed about that.  He hears all kinds of comments and requests.  For instance, "Yucky green beans", "I'm allergic to shrimps", "I hate broccoli!", "let's trade lunches", and goes on.  There were also times he would just want to hide till he was all done, just so nobody would bother him.  I told him to either just ignore and eat or share a little to them.  

Steamed Chinese Sausages for Red & Yellow Tuesday

Steamed Chinese Sausages over steamed rice,
with corn kernels and red grapes.
I pack my lunches in such a way he has fruits and veggies on the side.  I make sure they vary each day, unless I get a huge supply at home.  So far, he's very happy and less picky lately.  The secret is I just let him know what he's having for lunch the night before.  I never give him choices.

No School Wednesday
My kids were off from school today.
It's PTC Conference Week, and Wednesday is off for a full day conference
 for parents who can't make it on their scheduled days.
My preschooler is off as well due to teachers' workshop set on the same day.
So consider this day be a rest day for us as well.
See you on Thursday!

Chili Thursday
Chili con Carne packed with corn, soy beans, edamame
and green bell peppers served with steamed rice
and grapes on the side. 
Not sure what to pack this Thursday.  Honestly, I'm running out of ideas.  I wanted to create a varied meal for at least a month to repeat over the school year.  Glad I have leftover chili last night which my children devour hot or cold.  Today was his first time to pack this for school.  And, guess what?  I had an empty lunchbox after school.  He said it was yummy and would love to have it again.  That painted a big smile on my face of course.  He also said that the boys in school asked how come he always have yummy lunches.  He simply replied with a smile, "My mom made them for me."  

Adobo Rice Friday
Adobo Rice, Shredded Chicken, Broccoli,
Kiwi & Chocolate Crinkles

It's Jog-A-Thon Day!  Each class jogged in the school's field for 30 minutes.  The classes took turns.  Not a race but the goal was to jog as many lapses as they could.  This was a fundraiser event for their fieldtrip.  Always fun to be a volunteer parent of course.  Because you get to join in the fun.  Orange slices and water bottles were donated by families per class.  Parent volunteers help tally their lapses as they jogged.  Their tally charts were attached and secured with a safety pin behind them.

So today I packed as much food as I could.  I know it would be an exhausting event, especially under the heat of the sun.  And I'd like him to regain his stamina as fast as he could. So he could better focus in school works.

My adobo rice is actually a garlic rice stir-fried with olive oil and added a bit of adobo sauce for added flavoring.  I fried the rice so it wouldn't be soggy by lunch time.  The sauce over the rice is usually the culprit.  I shredded the chicken too for easier eating, and added some broccoli and kiwi on the side for more nutrients. I also packed some chocolate crinkles for his snack.

Need Adobo Recipe?  Click here.
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