October 9, 2011

A Sunny PHO' Sunday

Weekends are the days we usually explore different cuisines.  
Since today was a beautiful fine Sunday, 
we decided to head for Pho as our lunch treat after Church.
Here are some of our favorites at Pho Vietnamese Restaurant.
Charbroiled Beef, Meat Ball & Shrimp Cake
served with Steamed Rice.

This dish was my son's favorite meal.  He asks for this every time
we dine in.  But he gets to split it with his sister too.  My daughter loves the
meatball with her noodles once the soup was all gone.
Charbroiled Pork, Meat Ball, Eggroll served with

This is one of my favorite dishes there.  Vermicelli satisfies my appetite
when we're craving for Vietnamese cuisine.  This is a large bowl
and I split it with my husband.  It's a big bowl so better share it than
leave with such a full tummy.
Hu Tieu Tom Thit is a shrimp and pork noodle soup
 served with clear noodles.

This is my daughter's share of the soup sans all the shrimps, pork slices
and garnishings.  The soup has been split into four already before
I could even get a nice picture. 
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