January 1, 2012

January Healthy Every Week Challenge

I am so excited for this challenge since the September Brown Bag Challenge.  My son and I had a blast achieving the month-goal each week. Now that 2011 is over, my son will be back to school on the 9th.  And he knows that it's time to pack his lunches again to school, and asked me to join another of Healthy Eats' Challenge.  He would call it the Brown Bag Challenge.

I told him that it will be different this time.  There is a goal that we need to achieve each week.  And we have to keep it for life.  He smiled.

The goal for this challenge is to get started on a healthier 2012, one week at a time.  I guess that would be easier to achieve... I hope!  The month of January was broken down into 5 weeks with specific goals to attain.
  • Week 1: Eat breakfast daily
  • Week 2: Eat more whole grains....(This is where I think I would stumble.  I would have to be resourceful to find something my kids would enjoy eating.  SO I'll keep my fingers crossed here.)
  • Week 3: Cook at home
  • Week 4: Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Week 5: Stay on track
If you hover on each weekly goals, you'd find my post of that specific challenge.  I will be updating it once the post is already live.

Well, we're definitely in for the challenge to start a healthier and happier 2012!!  Cheers to everyone in the challenge.

Get into Healthy Eats' Page and join in the fun!

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