January 10, 2012

Eat Breakfast Daily

Eating breakfast has always been a challenge to me.  That was one of the reasons why I took Healthy Eats' January Challenge.  I am not a morning person.  Perhaps I am not just a morning eater/cooker coz I can function and focus on work as early as 3am. So for this week,  I was quite lucky to have loads of leftovers from our holiday feasts.  If you have been reading my blog, you would know that we had quite a feast to welcome 2012.  So for this week, we just had to finish what was leftover, in order for me to start cooking.

This is my Chicken Macaroni Salad that my family devoured on breakfasts and snacks without any single complaints.  My hubby even brought this to work.
Another family recipe heirloom is our traditional Fruit Salad generously whipped up with a low-fat cream.  We usually would have this as a dessert, but with the influx of it, we ate it almost anytime we craved for it.  And somewhat considered as a hot breakfast item.
Since we had leftover ham, I made ham & egg sandwich platter, too.  Then I reserved the bones for ham porridge.  I try to cook in big batches since I'm quite slow in the kitchen in early mornings.  We just want a breakfast right away as soon as we awoke.

After all the holiday feast is over and done, we went back to our usual breakfast meals.  We tried to eat healthier as much as we could after all the sweet indulgence we had.  
I love the traditional Cheese Quesadilla for breakfast with organic whole milk for my son, chocolate milk for my daughter, orange juice for me, and mocha-coffee for my hubby.  Due to my lactose intolerance, I can't drink regular or organic whole milk.  It has to be non-fat, soy milk, or a calcium fortified orange juice.  Glad none of my kids got my milk allergy.
Buttered whole wheat pancakes with sausage patties/hotdogs or eggs on the side is pretty popular in our kitchen too.  Between honey and maple syrup, my family always opt for the sweeter one....which is honey for that matter.  Blame it on me for that sweet tooth.  It's in my genes.
I've also learned to be creative on breakfasts to spark the appetite of our little kiddos. I noticed that if I just give them plain hotdogs, they would usually turn it down with a frown.  On this picture, which do you think the kids devoured?  I ended up eating 2 corndogs that I baked, and the kids had a feast on the 4 kebabs that I made.
I'd also like to share my Home-made taho, Sweetened Tofu with Tapioca Pearls.  It's deliciously hot served either warm or chilled.  We love this on breakfast since tofu is packed with so much nutrients necessary to start our day right.  If you haven't tried one, you might want to make your own and be addicted like crazy :)
If none of us are in the mood for a fulfilling breakfast, I cut a mix-up of fruits in a platter that would help boost each one's metabolism for the day.  We like berry medleys which are rich in anti-inflammatory substances.  And, I always offer a glass of milk to start the day right.

On my quest to eat healthier, I have discovered another of our newest indulgence.  You might want to check out on my Fage - Healthy as it is!

Happy healthy eating!!

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