February 20, 2012

Holiday Dress-ups & Makeovers

It is President's Day, a school holiday, but not for all working parents.  We planned a swap play-date this time to save up for childcare because it's a good reason for kids to play and bond. We're the host since hubby's off and I stay home for most part of the day.  We were expecting 2 girls coming over today for a playdate with my daughter, but it turned out that one of the girl's school is actually not on holiday.  So we're down with just one today. Easy-peasy!
Spaghetti was served for the kids, courtesy of a good friend, with Lychee Almond Jelly that never made it to my post.  But will make a separate post for that and its recipe.
We also served soy chicken, a Chinese dish we love to eat over and over because it's so juicy, tender and comforting to eat.  We love this served over white rice along it's sweetened soy sauce, or just by itself.
The girls did a major dress up and makeover playdate. And I was distracted all the time. I need to check on these girls often to capture every moments.  BTW, they're just 5, but quite serious about this date. Glad they had so much fun together for 8 hours of play.

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