March 31, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 20

For the week March 26-30.

It's the last week before they go on a break. I am one of the happiest in our household since I get a needed break from preparing bento lunches.  Well not exactly, since I'd be having the kids with me at home all week long. And we'll still be eating. Or perhaps it's about sleeping in longer that relieves me. And this time I don't need to stress about what to pack. I can just serve whatever I cook for lunch. They tend to be less picky when we're home. I guess it's the comfort of eating with family and in a place you love the most that made the big difference.
Shrimp Meatball Bento with organic sweet baby carrots and watermelon on the side.
Spring rolls with my sushi rolls and strawberries.
Hamburger with lettuce and pickles on a wheat thin, edamame and mixed fruits.
Their favorite Chinese sausages on brown rice, edamame & strawberries.
Hotdog bun, kiwis and strawberries.

Next week would be SPRING BREAK so I might be posting how we ate our lunches at home or on the go. I'll try to post daily if I could. If not, I'll do it in one post by Friday. 

Have a safe break, everyone! 
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