March 30, 2012

Children's Museum

Today was my daughter's preschool fieldtrip to the La Habra Children's Museum. Two things were required: school shirt = CHECK and a sack lunch = UNDECIDED. I prepared 2 types of bentos enough for both of us. I made sure to pack all of her favorite foods so she would have choices in case her appetite won't cooperate.

I packed chicken nuggets with tangerine oranges and BBQ sauce on my little smidget. On my other bento box, I packed her favorite pineapple bread, strawberries and kiwi. I showed it her and she gave me 2 signs of approval. Her thumbs up and her huge smile. Perfect I thought! All set.
The kids were all lined up at the entrance of the museum as we purchased all the tickets for all the preschoolers, aides, and parents.  Parents paid for their own tickets.

 We were awed as we get in the museum. It was filled of wonderful stuffs that kids would love to touch and play with.  Full of stuff toys and motorized trains that run underneath it.  Very catchy indeed. Everyone got so excited.

Guitars, violins, pianos and other musical instruments are either hanged on the wall or laid down the ground for the kids to try and take pictures with. These are all working instruments. And the preschoolers had so much fun playing their own little music.  Everyone waited for their turns nicely as I watched and captured the moments. All pictures went to the school's page for parents to see.  Everything that went to my blog has the minimal exposure of kids for privacy-sake.
Here's one picture of a fellow parent who actually tried her feet on the incredible piano mat. It was fun, and everyone had their turns.
Above is a huge table of a train village that train lovers dreamed of. There were huge selections of cultural dress ups from some parts of the world too for girls  everyone to enjoy.

There is a wild exhibit of animals as well. This was when the kids got scared and hesitant to get in the room.  The animals looked so real.  It took time for them to warm up and pose for the camera. Everyone took the time out to explore and observe the animals very carefully.
We love the dance workshop.  It's the best ever. The preschoolers were divided into 2 different activities to try. This was one of the two, the other was the art activity. I'm so glad my daughter chose this coz it was fun to see them groove along the music. The instructor was spectacular.  I could see parents strut a move too. I was able to take a video of this coz it's quite impossible to capture this on a still image without a blur. Everyone's grooving like a pro. A definite awesome-ness!
The treehouse that connects to the stairs behind it. This is one of my favorite spots here. I'm glad that they haven't put it down since 3 years ago I was here. It's still beautiful and well-kept :) I have pictures of my kids on this treehouse.
 The picnic lunch where everyone brought in a sack lunch.  Most brought Lunchables and store-packed lunches. My girl was distracted to see that she's the only one who had a home-packed meal. She was a bit hesitant to eat her lunch. I told her that it's not what the other kids brought. It's about what mom packed for her and sealed it with love. I had to remind her that home-made meals are healthier because we know how it was prepared, and what it was made of. I should have been more creative with my lunches to her next time. If I created it with shapes, she could have been prouder to eat it with friends. 
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