April 2, 2012

Spring Break: Day 1

It's the first day of our Spring break, which calls for a bento break as well. But it still got to be fun. So today I served spaghetti on my ceramic pots and pans. I have three of a kind so it's triple the fun. The kids love eating on it because it's easier to grab it as we lounged around the living room, where we held a picnic movie lunch.  Of course, it's the best lunch ever because it's a new experience for the kids.  Not the movie, but eating on pots.  I kept my meals simple but healthy as ever. The spaghetti's whole wheat, the sauce is tomato based packed with basil and rosemary herbs.  I added hotdogs per kids' request.  We watched the Real Steel which both kids enjoyed the story well.  This is why we love breaks.  We get to spend it together in a whole new way each time.  I hope you're enjoying your breaks as well. 
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