May 25, 2012

Bento Weekly Round 27

For the week of May 21-25, 2012

I can't believe the school year is almost over. We still have 2 more weeks to go. I must admit I've struggled planning school meals on some days, but felt great that I've kept up with our original goals at the beginning.  And my son has been eating healthier than ever. He's been choosy about the foods that he eats, and has stopped being a picky-eater since then.

These couple of weeks were pretty tough since the kids have been sick. My little girl just recovered from ear infection.  But the antibiotic just kept her appetite low. So she wasn't eating much than usual. My son developed sinus infection after a week of congestion. And he missed 2 days of school at the start of this week. He's been having diarrhea (excuse me), due to his high doses of AmoxiClav. So I have to keep the oily foods at the minimum to help him in school.  
He went back to school on Wednesday.  He brought with him oven-baked eggrolls, watermelons and double chocolate crinkles.
Thursday he brought with him turkey breasts with cheddar florets, oven-baked crackers, strawberries and Oreo cookies.
Friday he got steamed shumai, organic baby carrots, corn on a cob,
and mandarin oranges.

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Have a great Memorial weekend ahead!


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