May 29, 2012

Chili + Whole Grains = Healthy ♥ Meal

I get frequent requests of CHILI at home lately 
and I honestly ♥ it!

For one, it is a great opportunity to feed the kidlets with vegetables and beans at the same time. Two main items that my daughter only eats it on chili. Otherwise, I would have to make up a very good reason why she needs to eat them.
With the chili, I packed 1/2 cup of whole grain brown rice, strawberry hearts with panda food picks, and Annie's Homegrown Organic Bunny Snack Mix.  We love Annie's Homegrown Organic Products because they make use of the simplest ingredients grown from rich and healthy soil that hasn't been treated with chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Thus makes snacking even healthier.
My boy prefers warm Chili, so he doesn't taste any solidified fats from the beef. So I pack them on Thermos insulated containers to keep them warm for at least 5-7 hours from the time I packed it.  I always get empty lunchboxes with a happy tummy all the time.

Have a great Tuesday!


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