August 8, 2012

Bento At Work: Shanghai Eggrolls & Bean Sprout

I know that this does not come regularly, but there are days that I just have to do it, especially by special request.  I got one today by HUB.  And so I complied. But cute lunches aren't allowed. So I just have to pack whatever I could.

He normally wants his lunches on a glass dish with a rubberized lid. He dislikes plastic especially when reheating stuffs on the microwave. For some reason, he agreed when I offered the Easy Lunchboxes.  My guess?  He must have seen it in his work place too.
Gotta find out who's packing on ELBs. 

For today's lunch, I packed home-made Shanghai Eggrolls cut into halves, brown rice, and bean sprouts. For your information, my eggroll is packed with grated vegetables. I hid it on ground meat & shrimp so no one would even detect it.  And they're crunchy and yummy as ever.

Bon appetit!


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