August 9, 2012

K-Bento: Observation Day

How many of us have incoming kindergartners this Fall? I do! And on this day, they have an Observation Day, when K teachers tests each child of K-readiness skills in order to place them for a more balanced classroom come Fall.  This is the time when they take each child in alphabetical order to drill them with skills of letters, numbers, colors and shapes recognition.  They should be able to pick out their names from a pool of names, and identify the letters in their name as they point to it.  Nobody fails. It's just for classroom placement. 
So for that, I packed a snack for my little girl just in case she gets hungry right after, which she normally does after a stressful day.  Turns out, she aced it and wasn't hungry at all.  So she ate this on our drive home, as she told me how the test was. And she did AWESOME! I gave her high fives and lots of praises for that.  Job well done, little girl!!

I'd be gone for a long trip. But I'll be back by Wednesday.  So the posts that you'd be seeing by tomorrow will be all scheduled posts to keep you pre-occupied while I'm gone.  I'll be posting our trip here for sure. So I'd see you when I get back!


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