August 10, 2012

Summer Mealtime: Bento Fun with Pikachu

I must be already on a road trip by the time you're reading this. We planned a trip to San Francisco just before the kids get ready for school 11 days from the time I set this live. So bare with me. I will be posting our trip after I come back.  That would be mostly about food trips, of course.
Lunch is served. Gyoza and rice with black vinegar.
Watermelon cubes where Pikachu stands.
This is what the kids had the day before the trip. Pikachu was accidentally placed there. They were confiscated from my bento accessories box for this reason.  I know I owe him a Pokemon lunch, but for some reason, I couldn't find inspiration to make it happen.  I  think I need a sandwich presser.  Onigiris are just way too tough for me.  Not really. I'm just too afraid to make use of artificial dyes to make it look like Pikachu.  But I think I just knew what i could make use of to turn my onigiris yellow.  I will just surprise him one day.  I promise to post once accomplished. 

Have a great week ahead!
See you when I get back.


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