September 5, 2012

School Lunches: Ham & Cheddar Thins

Fourth grade is a major transition for Mr G this Fall. Now that he is an upper grader, they get to move from one room to another all throughout the day. So I'd say, the school must be teaching the kids about responsibility. They are now expected to take down notes of every single discussion, get your own daily homework sheets, record all quizzes, reminders, HW on their Agenda. And they are also expected to check on their school's website about posted HW and Pop Quizzes for the week. Too much, I say. And Mr G has missed several of them already in 2 weeks of school.  Glad they're assigned a HW buddy in case they need help with things they lost or forgot in school.

It was a rainy morning today here in Los Angeles and cloudy for most part of the day. So I thought of packing a simple meal for Mr G. In the event they decide a rainy schedule at noon, he had something easy to grab and eat with a minimal mess if there'd be. 
I prepared him Ham and Cheddar on Sandwich Thins, which we call them, "Ham & Cheddar Thins," cut into halves and held securely in place with a panda and bunny food picks.
There are also grapes and super sweet grape tomatoes packed for side treats. Mandarin Oranges and Teddy Graham Soft Paw Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (not in picture) were also packed for his mid-morning snack.  All in our favorite container set, The Easy Lunchboxes, which makes food packing easy.  I love it that they help you control portion sizes with the varied compartment size in one box. 
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