September 5, 2012

K-Bento: PB Sandwich Kebabs

I was so thrilled that yesterday's lunch was a hit for my little girl. I figured that she eats better when her foods were cut into bite-size and skewered into food picks.  Since she's known to have one of the yummiest looking food in school, her K-friends tend to draw near her and ran a taste test on her food till they were half-eaten. Sad but true. So I had to find a way to intimidate her friends from touching her food.  Voila! The picks solved them.  It looked like kids won't readily pick foods from anyone's box if they were securely skewered in groups.  They would look and ask, but they wouldn't just take it.
With the use of a FunBites Cube It, I cut her White Chocolate PB sandwiches into cubes and arranged them like kebabs on long food picks.  Same thing with her grapes so they're not readily available to anyone, but Missy A.  For her mid-morning snack, she has Teddy Grahams Soft Paws Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.

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Good Luck!!
Happy Wednesday to all!!
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