October 29, 2012

A Gyoza Lunch

It's the final week of October, and Halloween day is almost here.  We don't usually celebrate Halloween except for minor dress-ups due to our school-wide big Halloween morning parade.  Students are judged based on 3 different criterias with prizes in store. Most Original, Scariest, and Cutest. And everyone gets a treat after. This is the time, they have an additional break before dismissal to consume their sweetest treats of all, and pass out big bags of goodies. 

We haven't bought and carved our pumpkins yet.  We missed the pumpkin patch festival during the weekend.  We were at the Legoland/SeaLife the whole weekend celebrating their Pre-Halloween Event, which was a total blast.  Nothing beats celebrating it with good family friends.  It's always a huge hit.  We just have to get our pumpkins in our local grocer to complete the event.

 Nothing much in line for this week's lunches. I must admit we failed on planning this week so we'd plan by the day. Monday's lunch was fried gyoza on vegetable oil with a bear shaped onigiri.  We have an abundance of strawberries and grapes, so expect them packed the whole week through. Black vinegar on the yellow Mini Dipper for the gyoza dip.
Missy A had a similar lunch today packed on her small 2-tiered bento box. She also had a baked snack crackers

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